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Middle and High School Classroom

In 1993 Erick Gordon carried his love of small press and independent publishing to a group of high school students in Northern California, and later to the NYC public schools where connecting writers with a world beyond the classroom set the foundation of his curriculum. ‘Going public’ was the emphasis as students authored radio plays, wrote literary chapbooks and produced collections of best-of reviews for tourists. Writing in his classes was about participation, seeing oneself as both producer and consumer, while working across networks to build new knowledge and ideas. 


Graduate Classroom

For eight years Dr. Gordon taught writing to pre-service English teachers as a full-time instructor at Teachers College. In his courses students understood rhetorical purpose by writing for audiences in the most immediate, resonant way possible: by becoming published authors. Infusing project based learning to teach English methods experientially, graduate students in his classes explored creative nonfiction genres that infused writing about the real world with elegance and style.